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We farm with herbs

Ruah means breath and for many clients who have become part of the Ruah family, the well-known three-herb range provides refreshment, a breath of air and some cherishing.

The lavender and rosemary are cultivated on Kasselhoft Estate itself and harvested twice a year. The entire rosemary plant is used to manufacture oil, while only the lavender flowers are distilled into the extremely versatile and popular lavender oil.

Rose geranium oil is obtained from other herb farmers in South Africa. In this way, we also support other herb lovers and help ensure that oils are cultivated locally and extracted naturally.

Because there is no other way
a tree will put forth its buds on a certain day
its branches waving in the wind at the abundance that is promised
a blossom emerges, waiting, knowing the fruit will come
so to greet the summer sun


Lavender oil contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory elements and helps to heal minor burns, sunburn and insect bites. Research shows that it can counteract insomnia, anxiety, depression and restlessness. It also relieves palpitations and sinus.

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub whose oil has a fresh and more delicate fragrance of camphor. A benefit of the oil is that it promotes concentration and some studies have even shown it to counteract ageing of the brain. Rosemary is used for better digestion and the oil is an excellent anti-oxidant that promotes the immune system. It provides relief for arthritis and stimulates hair growth. In addition, it promotes blood circulation, relieves pain and keeps insects away.

Rose geranium offers relief from nerve pain and is a wonderful skincare product, suitable for all skin types. The oil has a distinctive floral scent with a calming effect. Rose geranium cleanses the body of toxins and boosts your blood circulation.

Lavandula Wild fig and lemon

This unique range moves away somewhat from the traditional combination of lavender with floral fragrances. Green fig leaves crushed between your fingers and the spritz of a freshly squeezed lemon evoke memories of an uncomplicated ‘farm life’. Add lavender to it for the peaceful element that completes the picture.

Rosemary and African Acacia

Both men and women will like this fresh and clean fragrance. With this fragrance, Ruah pays tribute to her immediate surroundings where many different species of acacia trees grow. Once a year, just after the summer rain, the bush is showered with small, yellow acacia flowers, distributing a wonderfully soft and sweet fragrance. Acacia blended with rosemary will surprise you and sweep you away to a place where you will be treated to the African sunset.

Rose Geranium Bergamot and Thyme

This is the gentlest of the three fragrances and it is especially the rose geranium’s combination of citrus and rose scents that offers a soft, warm aroma. Ruah complemented this light rose scent with tones of bergamot and thyme to gently pamper your body.

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